Disciplinary Process

1. All members of the club shall exercise their rights, powers, duties and best endeavours to ensure that they conduct themselves so that the affairs and reputation of the club are carried out in accordance with:

  • The Rules and Regulations of the Football Association and the County Football Association.

  • The Rules and Regulations of the Competitions in which the club competes

  • The Club’s Constitution / Articles of Association, Codes of Conduct and Policies

2. In addition to any action being taken by The FA, County Football Association or League, where a club member or the Club Committee has evidence that there is a non compliance the above then the Club Committee should follow the Disciplinary Procedure as follows:

  • Any matter that may require investigation should be reported to the relevant Manager or Club Secretary.

  • The Club Secretary must present evidence of the non compliance in writing to the Executive Committee within 7 days of the non compliance becoming apparent.

  • Where the non compliance involves a club member or members then the Club Secretary, on behalf of the Executive Committee must inform those involved in writing detailing the non compliance, with any evidence, to meet with the Executive Committee to consider the non compliance giving 14 days notice of pro-posed meeting

  • The Executive Committee may delegate such a meeting to a Sub Committee.
    • i. Any Committee or Sub Committee must have at least 3 Committee Members meet to consider the complaint.

    • ii. In the case of a youth club, the Club Welfare Officer must be included in the
      Committee or Sub Committee.

  • At the meeting the Sub Committee or Club Committee should present the case. Where one club member is involved, the Club Member may bring one other member as support and may call witnesses in support.

  • The Sub Committee or Club Committee may call appropriate club members to give evidence and may include an invitation for non-club members to attend if the non-club member wishes to do so.

  • The Sub Committee or Club Committee shall then discuss the information and reach an outcome which must be communicated to the member or members concerned within 7 days of the meeting.

3. Any member found guilty of non compliance of any of the above, then the Club Committee have the authority to impose any of the following sanctions:

  1. An informal warning as to future conduct

  2. A formal warning as to future conduct

  3. Suspension from playing competitive fixtures

  4. Suspension from Membership

  5. Removal of Membership

Sanction 3v Removal of Membership can only be imposed once any County FA or FA charges have been concluded or no charge exists.

The member or members have the right to appeal the outcome to the Club Committee decision. An appeals Board will be established by the Full Committee consisting of three people which may include an independent club mem-ber from outside the Committee.

In addition to the sanctions set out in 3 above, any fine imposed on the Club because of a Member by the County football Association will be repaid to the Club by that Member.